Royal Scepter Set

Royal Scepter Set


Experience the full Apeiro Royal Scepter Set for optimal results.

Apeiro Royal Scepter Thermal Mask – Apeiro’s Royal Scepter Thermal Mask is an organic, thermal, self-heating mask that instantly and gently warms your skin upon contact. When placed on your face, this one-of-a-kind formula not only feels mildly toasty, but also helps open up and intensively purify your pores to allow effective application of Apeiro’s Royal Scepter serum and cream. This innovative and meticulously developed mask cleanses and refines your skin by absorbing excess oils, expelling pore-clogging dirt, and removing dead skin cells. Infused with organic herbal extracts, the mask will reveal the smooth, vibrant, and youthful skin that’s been there all along.

Apeiro Royal Scepter Serum – Apeiro’s Royal Scepter Serum utilizes advanced anti-aging techniques from the pinnacle of cosmetic science, resulting in remarkably diminished wrinkles and expression marks by the first application. This organic serum is a highly concentrated formula that lifts skin, wipes out expression marks, and reduces unsightly signs of aging, all while nourishing your skin with a light, velvety touch that gives you that pampered feeling you deserve.

Apeiro Royal Scepter Cream – Apeiro’s Royal Scepter Cream is a richly textured and organically crafted cream that is made by using only the most natural ingredients found across the globe. This potent product fortifies skin and promotes anti-aging effects, giving that vibrant, youthful look with just the first application.

Apeiro Royal Scepter Silk – Representing the utmost in luxury and performance, Apeiro’s Royal Scepter Silk is a lavish gel-cream that makes skin firmer. By using potent, organic minerals such as Vitamin E, combined with natural, botanical extracts, a radiant and divine visage will be achieved with the first touch


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